Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Big Story

This Thursday my staff partner and I took two of our students to Proxe Station training at CU Boulder. Proxe Stations are an amazing outreach tool designed by staff in the great lakes region. It uses fine arts, interaction and conversation to introduce students to the Christian faith and invite them into further investigation with bible studies designed specifically for seekers. I had an incredible hour long conversation with a girl named Sarah who has felt increasingly suspicous and distant from the Christian faith she originally grew up in. Even so she has a deep longing for spirituality. I wasn't able to answer all her questions but I shared some of "the big story" with her and convinced her to leave behind her contact information so she could be with other people asking the same questions as they look at the life of Jesus for answers. "The big story" is an evangelism tool designed in San Diego. I decided to began reading the book
"True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In" by IVCF staffworker James Choung, that it comes from. I already had it as IVPress regularly sends me books to share with students and enhance my ministry. This may be the read of the year and I recommend it to everyone. Both the book and "the big story" that came out of it places what our faith means in context and refuses our tendancy to make our beliefs serve us instead of being challenged by truth. I have attempted to include the video of James Choung sharing it.

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Benjamin said...

Yay for other people using proxe stations! (my regions evangelism team created them)