Sunday, September 14, 2008

August kinda like bullet train

It's already Sept 14th and my brilliant plan to share more stories by blogging has been foiled. Here is a quick one. Friday, Aug 15 the first week of class, I was glad that the floating couch I drive has six seatbelts. Three freshman, and two sophomores who were with us last year crammed into my car to go to a Wii tournament we had arranged as an outreach event. It was really wonderful to spend time with these new students. The house we had the party in was crowded but full of really good conversations inbetween Wii tennis. Chantel one of our sophmores was wonderful at engaging new students and its fun to see her grow up with the chapter. Continue to pray with me that the students we met the first month of class will become involved in our weekly bible studies and groups.

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Amanda said...

I love the word picture you created of your car--great writing!