Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No coincidences

Coincidence. What a weird looking and unnecessary word. Finals week this past December my supervisor and I sat down at Starbucks to go over fundraising and projected budgets. I wasn't really thinking about meeting new students as our events and studies had wrapped up for the semester. Since we were at the laptop tables we welcomed a young lady looking for a place to study to our table and then went on with our conversation. She joined in a few times and then asked who we were. As we explained that we worked for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship a ministry on college campuses, her eyes lit up. She had recently come out of some major struggles and was getting serious about her faith as never before. She loved the church she became involved with through her mom but still felt so alone. "No one my age is a Christian, no other college students are pursuing faith in Jesus." Her mom challenged her that that was not true and began praying for her to meet Christians on campus. This semester she came to her first study. We looked at John 4. As we went over the questions people had passed into me in chronological order the enthusiasm and joy built in the room as discoveries and connections were made. The passage was alive just as I know all scripture is and was speaking into our lives. There were other new students there and most were taken aback at how much fun it was to study scripture. We ended in prayer and reflection. That night my new friend from Starbucks signed up for Winterfest and volunteered to drive. Praise God for four-wheel drive vehicles. She has also started hosting a Tuesday girls hang out night at her place. It was no coincidence that she came and sat at that table at Starbucks. God is doing things like this at Auraria, things I could never take credit for. I am so grateful that I get to staff this chapter as it is forming and be a witness to the faithfulness and power of God.

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