Wednesday, March 11, 2009


WinterVarsity at Bear Trap Ranch.
We filled Bradley Lodge so we had to use the loft for seating for students. Auraria had 8 students total and our very first students could feel the difference from the conferences where there were only 3 students. We are gaining momentum as a witnessing community.

Pray for our students to love each other well. Fragmentation and alienation are common complaints among Auraria students, and had been descriptive of our chapter up until this semester. God has been breaking through those strongholds and showing us how to forge a community that continues to reach out. Having common application like the Campus Village Party and WinterVarsity, where people are away with each other for a weekend, broke down the isolation and our students are becoming friends. However as students begin to be in relationship with each other they get involved in each others messy lives. Pray that they would treat each other with respect, avoid gossip, and speak truth into each others lives. Pray also that I would know how to lead them well.

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Amanda said...

May I just say, I love the name WinterVarsity. It's awesome.