Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Better than bouncing down a cliff side with a rope

Maybe repelling doesn' seem that risky to you, but I bet the things I'm about to tell you about some of these students will. Faith had a real moment with Jesus at WinterVarsity conference. So real she put her trust in Him. So real that she shared about her testimony in front of about 150 people on the day we studied John 3 at Chapter Camp and talked about moving from darkness to light. Part of a Christian family, it was not until that moment at WinterVarsity that Faith understood who Jesus was to her, and she will tell anyone now. Lisa didn't know any of us going, she had met us at a table just weeks before camp, but she came. She was looking for something and she had made a pact with God that she would take some risks. It seemed like what she needed to do. During an invitation at one of the night sessions to stand up if you were ready to commit your life to Jesus, she stood up and knew it was a risk, but what she really wanted to do. Two more students choosing to be part of the kingdom and understanding that it means that you go about on the kings business now. My supervisor called to my attention that our chapter has had conversions every year, that about a quarter of our fellowship our students who have committed their lives to Jesus because of the ministry of InterVarsity. How humbling. In many regards all I did was show up. I was there and did what I felt moved to do. whether it was handing out otter pops, leading a study about from John 4 or praying I was just doing my job. Full of risks but also the mundane. I know that many of you who support me risk to keep me there. Thank you. Let's keep risking. Let's keep getting students in front of Jesus whether in the student union, student apartments or Bear Trap Ranch. Let's get students in front of Jesus. Repelling seems like just about the most boring thing you could do at Bear Trap now though.

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