Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh yeah, what chapter camp was like for me

Chapter Camp started early for me. I was part of the creative response team which means all the visuals of camp, guided response to manuscript study of John 1-4, and planning/taking down the prayer room. I specifically put together the response for John 2"Abundance!"-the wedding at Cana passage. This meant setting up worship leaders to close our time in corporate worship. Putting together a funny/serious set of clips to help students begin to think about how this passage connected to their lives, special shout out to Sam and Randell who helped me more than I can begin to say with all the editing. It also meant MCing directing prayer and everything else involved the day of. I also got to put together different elements for some of the other days and had a hand in making sure those days went well. I also helped with the re-imagining evangelism track. I was re-convinced of the value of InterVarsity fellowships in reaching the campus, because Jesus used that witnessing community at UW to win my heart for himself. I was also encouraged and convicted that Jesus loves people who aren't college students and that there were other people he had placed in my life who needed more of him. We used the excellent materials courtesy of Rick Richardson and IVP that I had tested out with a group of students when I was still staff at UNC. I got to share my testimony and be part of students learning to share their stories as well. It was a privilege. I was also prayer ministry coordinator and camp intercessor with the help of my new staff partner Lauren, also a privilege. Jesus always uses Chapter Camp to prove that he can pour out more goodness on me than I can imagine, even as I pour out my life, time and the work of my hands to his service.

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